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A complete bundle of templates, worksheets, and checklists that will help you leverage the power of affiliate marketing in your business.

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Starting Your Own Affiliate Program

Is your business taking advantage of affiliate marketing? Offering an affiliate program enables you to make a surprising amount of money, even while you sleep. It’s risk-free too, ensuring you only pay for results.

The question is, how can you start your own affiliate program and why should you start one?

What is a business affiliate program?

A business affiliate program enables you to allow individuals to market your products and services. The individuals are referred to as affiliates and they typically advertise and promote your products through their website and other marketing channels.

Whenever someone purchases something through their affiliate link, you pay them a small commission. This means you only pay after you’ve got results. This risk-free marketing provides a lot of awesome benefits to businesses. Let’s look at some of them below.

Why is it good for business?

Affiliate marketing has many great benefits for businesses. The top ones include:

  • It gives your brand great exposure
  • You only pay for results
  • Low start-up costs
  • Better SEO
  • Helps you to reach new audiences

The fact your brand will gain greater exposure is one of the best benefits. Building up your brand is one of the main ways to succeed in business. However, it isn’t always easy when you’re having to spend time on other areas of the company. Having an affiliate market your products and services can help you to gain a lot more exposure than you would doing it yourself. This is especially true if you have more than one affiliate.

You’ll only pay for results too. Most marketing methods require you to spend money with no guarantee you’ll get results (cough Facebook Ads cough). However, you’ll only need to pay a small commission if a customer buys something through the affiliate link. This makes it a risk-free form of marketing.

I talk about all of this and more in this template pack.

Here’s what you get:

  • Insider’s Guide with quick tips on starting and setting up your affiliate program.
  • Structuring the Best Affiliate Program for Your Business Launching an affiliate program for your business is a lucrative step to boosting your passive income, and frankly, duplicating yourself so that you can reach more people and make more money. Use this Worksheet so you can be successful running an affiliate program and learn the essentials in how to best structure your affiliate program so that it works for you and your affiliates.
  • 5 Email Templates – 5 emails you can customize and send to your affiliates during product launches
  • 15 Affiliate Program Best Practices – Use these best practices to ensure you earn the most money possible while taking fantastic care of your affiliates
  • 25 Affiliate Promo Tool Ideas – Boost your odds of getting the most affiliate sales with these promo tools that you can give to your affiliates to help them promote your products and services.
  • 25 Product Promotion Ideas – Getting your affiliates to promote your products and services is part of running a profitable affiliate program in your business. These product promotional ideas will activate your affiliates and help them make more sales.
  • Affiliate Commission Email Notice Templates – Use this email template as a guide when creating your affiliate commission emails.
  • Affiliate Platform Comparison Chart – There are many affiliate management systems available. Some are built into shopping cart programs. Some are standalone systems and some need to be hosted on your site through installation or via WordPress plugin. Here are a few popular options that do not come built into a shopping cart.
  • Affiliate Recruitment Checklist – Building a profitable affiliate program requires that you recruit and potentially train an army of hungry affiliates who will promote your brand and products far and wide. Use this list to help you remember what is essential in recruiting and training.
  • Affiliate Recruitment Letter & Follow Up Templates – Use the following templates to create emails to your potential affiliates that will help you recruit more affiliates to join your team.
  • Affiliate Welcome Email Template – Use this template to help you set up your welcome email for your new affiliates.
  • Article / Product Review Templates – Use this template to guide you in writing an effective article to give to your affiliates. There are many styles of product reviews but ultimately, they can be narrowed down to two short briefs and more in-depth reviews. Use this template to help keep you on track when creating a product review.
  • Structuring Your Affiliate Center Worksheet – Affiliate centers can be laid out in a variety of ways, but there are some features you will likely want to include to ensure your affiliates have everything they need to promote your products and services.

As you can see, everything included in this month’s templates, worksheets and checklists will help you leverage the power of affiliate marketing in your business.

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