Client Acquisition Templates


Complete bundle of lists and email templates to help you get more clients, get more work from existing ones, and to get referrals.

Read more below about what is included in the bundle.



Client Acquisition Templates

We all need new clients to make our businesses a success. It’s important that you have a way to get and retain customers, no matter what size your business is or how many clients you want. And you need a way to do that that can be done quickly and easily. Using templates for your communications is one way.

It comes with the following lists:

  • Client Benefit List
    • Show potential clients how your services and offers benefit them. Use this list of 30 benefits to help you get started.
  • 30 Ways to Get Referrals From Your Clients List
    • Referrals help you build credibility and relationships with potential clients. Use this list to help you get referrals from your existing clients in ways you may not have thought of.
  • Personalize Your Client Letters List
    • Use this list of 30 personalizations to help you create great client letters that will help you convey your message as well as make solid and meaningful connections.

And these email templates:

  • Cold Email & Cold Email Follow Up Templates
    • Use these email templates to reach out to potential clients you are interested in working with.
  • Event Follow-Up Email Template
    • Use this email template to follow up with a potential client that you met at a live event.
  • After Consultation Email Template
    • Use this template to send a thoughtful follow-up after a consultation meeting.
  • Request Testimonials Email Template
    • Use this email template to request a testimonial from clients you’ve successfully worked with.
  • Request Referrals Email Template
    • Referrals help you build authority and credibility with your clients. Use this template to help you request referrals from your existing or past clients.
  • Get More Work Email Template
    • Use this template to offer gifts or incentives to clients you’d like to work with again.
  • Offer for Retainer Email Template
    • Use this template to offer a retainer package to your clients and explain the benefits.
  • Introduction Email Template
    • This template can be used to reach out to a potential client who was referred to you by a mutual friend.
  • Client Engagement Email Template
    • Use this template to send to your clients after they agreed to start working with you.

As you can see, everything included in these Client Acquisition Templates will give you what you need to communicate effectively with existing clients and reach out to potential clients to grow your business.

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