Complete Email Mastery Kit

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Complete collection of templates, action kits, and planners to help you master email marketing!

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This unique collection includes the following templates, action kits, and planners designed to help you market your business at 40% OFF!

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Training System

  • How to Automate Your Online Marketing Training Guide ($25 value)
    • I’ll walk you through each of the main areas of marketing automation and the tactics you can apply so that you can:
    • Identify exactly where in your business you can benefit most from automation
    • Create a social media automation plan that cuts down on the amount of time you spend on social media while increasing engagement
    • Develop an email marketing automation strategy that builds your list of leads and customers while getting more sales from the subscribers you already have
    • Outline tactics for automating your content marketing and using tools to speed up your content creation
    • Design customer follow-up approaches that will help build long-lasting relationships while increasing the lifetime value of all your customers.
    • Draft an integrated automation plan for your overall online marketing strategy.

Business-Building Action Kit

Productivity Planners

  • Map Out Your Monthly Email Content Calendar Planner – Have you ever realized you haven’t emailed your list in weeks or felt stuck on what to say or promote? Avoid sporadic email marketing by creating an email planning calendar to stay consistent and nurture your list effectively. ($15 value)
  • Subscriber Re-Engagement Planner – walks you step by step on how to re-engage with your subscribers. ($19 value)
  • Weekly Newsletter Planner – step-by-step instructions on creating your newsletter or get inspiration to refresh the one you have! ($19 value)
  • Email Follow-up Planner: Turn Your Leads into Customers in 7 Days – Lost opportunities. That’s what happens when you don’t follow up! And sometimes just one email won’t cut it. This planner will help you craft an effective follow-up email sequence that actually accomplishes your end goal! ($19 value)

Template Bundle

  • Email Marketing Excellence ($20 value)
    • Elevate your email campaigns, enhance customer engagement, and drive your conversion rates to new heights!
Complete Email Mastery Kit

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