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A complete bundle of journal spreadsheets and planner pack plus an Insider’s Guide with quick tips on content management for traffic and monetization, organizing content on your website, and general content organization for maximum return on investment.

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Content Management for Traffic and Monetization

The purpose of content marketing is to earn your audience’s attention and trust by informing, educating, and inspiring them to take action. The action may be multi-fold; to recognize a problem, accept the truth of it and make a conscious decision to fix it. Then taking the first step to obtaining the solution by joining your email list, downloading your lead magnet or purchasing your solution.

Your content will guide them toward the actions you want them to take. Additionally, the content you publish differentiates you from your competitors and, if you’ve studied your audience enough, will persuade them to buy your products or use your services seamlessly.

Why Content is So Important

Content on your site is meant to inform, engage, and persuade your audience to take a specific action. In the past, you may have been tempted to eliminate much of the content to make your site more visual and less text based but doing so can be a big mistake. Instead, you want more content on your website so that you can communicate with your audience instead of less.

There are many other reasons why content is so relevant:

  • Brings traffic due to SEO
  • Creates earned inbound links
  • Encourages engagement
  • Makes money
  • Increases your authority quotient
  • Acts as the basis of your digital marketing strategy

I talk about all of this in much more detail plus give you tips on general content organization in this template pack.

Here’s what you get:

  • Insider’s Guide with quick tips on content management for traffic and monetization, organizing content on your website, and general content organization for maximum return on investment.
  • 50 Things to Blog About – as the name suggests, this is a list of 50 ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.
  • Content Management Daily Planner  – This is a 30-day planner with daily sheets to help you plan what content to publish, which projects are due, tasks that need to be completed, people you want to connect with and more.
  • Weekly Content Marketing Journal – Containing 4 weekly review sheets to help you track the work you planned out in your daily planner, this journal gives you room to document things that worked well, things that didn’t, obstacles you faced and more.
  • Master List – Affiliate Programs – A handy spreadsheet with plenty of space for you to track your affiliate accounts, affiliate links and product or services reviews you create.
  • Master List – My Products & Services – Keep track of your personal products and services, special offers, sales/opt-in page URLs and more. There’s also room for you to track reviews others have created about your products or services.
  • Master List – Products & Content – Track your business assets, content, opt-in offers and product details.
  • Monthly Content & Promotions Planner – Use this spreadsheet to help plan & track your content and promotions. There’s space to plan and track products you’ll promote in the upcoming month, content pieces to be created (and any outsourcing information related to it). Your daily promotions and where they will be promoted. I’ve also included the brainstorming sheet, so you have the ideas at your fingertips.

As you can see, all of the journal spreadsheets and planners included in this template pack will help you leverage the power of content creation in your business.

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