Create Your Rock Star Media Kit in a Weekend

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You and I both know how great you are, but how are you showing that to your audience? Do members of the media who need quotes or interviews with experts know about you or how to reach you? If you shrugged your shoulders to either of these questions, then it’s time to create a rock star media kit.

This planner walks you step by step how to map out your media kit.


The Step-by-Step Planner Covers:

  • Step One: Craft A Magnetic + Polished Professional Bio
    • Exercise: Draft a short, swipeable (and easy-to-understand) professional bio
    • Exercise: Draft a longer bio using these formulas
  • Step Two: Provide a Scintillating Snapshot of Your Products + Services
    • Exercise: List ALL your current services + products in bullet-point format.
  • Step Three: Gather + Flaunt Your Showstopping Stats
    • Exercise: Gather the statistics you want to flaunt in your media kit…
  • Step Four: Showcase Social Proof + Media Mentions
    • Exercise: Create a list of all your previous podcast interviews, guest blog posts, print features, summits, TV shows, radio, and even the stages you’ve spoken on
    • Exercise: Create a “Media Bank” board in Trello or in a spreadsheet where you include the media’s name, logo, publication date and link for each mention. Follow the samples below.
    • Exercise: Reach out to past clients for updated testimonials.
  • Step Five: Add in High-Quality Images
    • Exercise: Upload the following assets to a filesharing service like Dropbox and then link to them within your media kit.
  • Step Six: Create a Killer Call to Action
    • Exercise: Write out some simple CTAs
  • Step Seven: Get Creative! Design Your Kit With Canva
    • Exercise: Schedule time to familiarize yourself with Canva
    • Exercise: If you decide to outsource this task, research possible contractors and interview them
  • Step Eight: Set Up a Simple System to Keep Your Kit Fresh
    • Exercise: Create a recurring monthly task for your VA to track your numbers + stats on every platform you’re active on
    • Exercise: Update your media kit template in Canva at least once a quarter

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