What to Post on Facebook Today? How to Come up with Engaging Posts that Get Shared!


Complete Kit: What Should I Post on Facebook Today? How to Come up with Engaging Posts that Get Shared!


It used to be that people would sit and figure out how to make Facebook posts most appealing to Facebook’s algorithms. If that’s you, forget that strategy – it no longer applies. Without advertising, a limited number of people will see your posts, and this is especially true for Facebook Pages.

But there’s a third alternative that many people don’t notice or pay attention to: Creating engaging posts that actually get shared.

Your Facebook success is all in the sharing. You can have six people viewing a post, but if one of those people has a larger audience and shares your post, it is suddenly exposed to your sharer’s entire audience. If members of that sharer’s audience share your post, your audience then increases by their audiences. And all that can happen rapidly, in what will seem like the blink of an eye—providing you’ve created a post that people find irresistible to share.

In this complete kit, you’ll discover how to get in touch with the reality of Facebook today, and show you how to free yourself of the headache of laboriously planning your post content for SEO—while generating endless ideas for coming up with engaging posts that actually get shared.

What you Get with Your Kit:

  • 21 Page Guide giving you 21 strategies
  • “21 Idea Blueprint” giving you twenty-one ideas for helping your Facebook posts engage more people
  • 3 Week done-for-you calendar
  • Comprehensive Checklist
  • Resource Directory – Take advantage of all the rich resources available to help you transform your posts into top-quality stories your fans will want to read.
  • Worksheet – Use this Worksheet to set yourself up toward creating powerful Facebook posts that increase your engagement and reach, and help build your active, responsive community.

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