Facebook Templates


Complete bundle of Facebook templates, tip sheets, and checklists on how to set up and use Facebook Pages, Groups, Events, Stories, and Ads.

Facebook Stories templates are in JPG and Photoshop (PSD) format to help you boost your engagement for your business or connect with friends and family in a fun way.

Read more below about what is included in the bundle.



Facebook Templates

Facebook continues to be one of the most popular social networks with a user base of over one billion people. While that might be a staggering number, it also represents an incredible opportunity for marketers and entrepreneurs.

You can use Facebook to grow your mailing list, build your business, and sell your products or service in several different ways. It all depends on which methods are right for you and what type of community you want to build.

Here’s what you get in this HUGE bundle:

  • Insider’s Guide with tips and ideas of what to post and getting the most out of your Facebook Pages, Groups, Events, and Stories
  • Tip Sheets and Checklists for Facebook Pages
    • Setting up a Facebook Page
    • Posting to Your Facebook Page and Engaging Your Audience
    • 50 Compelling things to Post on Your Facebook Page
    • How to Grow your Facebook Page Audience
    • 6 Facebook Page Description Templates
    • 5 Facebook Post Templates
    • Understanding Your Facebook Page Insights
    • Using Live Video for Audience Growth and Engagement
  • Tip Sheets and Checklists for Facebook Groups
    • Setting up your Facebook Group
    • Leveraging Sections for your Facebook Group
    • Posting to Your Group for Most Engagement
    • Growing Your Facebook Group Membership
    • Understanding and Improving Your Group Analytics
    • How to Host a Watch Party for Maximum Results
    • Facebook Group community Building Daily Planner
  • Tip Sheets and Checklists for Facebook Events
    • Engaging Those Who Have Showed Interest
    • How to Promote Your Event Checklist
    • How to Set up Your Facebook Event Checklist
    • What to do Before Tickets Go on Sale Checklist
    • What to do When Tickets Go on Sale Checklist
    • What to do When Event is Live Checklist
    • Understanding Your Event Insights
    • Creating and Leveraging the Power of Facebook Group Events
    • Facebook Event Planner
  • Facebook Stories – 18 Call to Action Graphics
    • 6 examples in JPG format – examples to show you what can be done with the templates
    • 6 Blank examples in JPG format  (add your own text to these templates, Photoshop not needed)
    • 6 templates with prompts in Photoshop (PSD) format – with Photoshop you can take these templates and edit them to create your own customized call to actions
  • Facebook Stories – 48 Blank Facebook Stories Templates
    • 24 examples in JPG format (add your own text to these templates, Photoshop not needed)
    • 24 Blank Templates in PSD Format – If you prefer creating and editing graphics in Photoshop, use these templates
  • Facebook Ads Templates & Checklists
    • Facebook Advertising Checklist
    • Creating Effective Facebook Page Follow Ads
    • Creating Effective Facebook Ads for More Leads and Sales
    • Targeting Your Facebook Ads Worksheet
    • 10 Facebook Ad Templates (editable PSD version)
    • 25 Facebook Ad Templates (JPG version)
    • Facebook Ad Guides and Examples

As you can see, everything included here will make it easy for you to start connecting with your friends and followers, boosting engagement and visibility, enhancing your brand, and growing your audience with Facebook.

NOTE: You don’t need Photoshop in Order to Use These Templates

To add text to the images, you can use your image editing software, upload to Canva and edit there, or use an online program such as Pixlr. You also don’t need Photoshop to edit the PSD files – programs such as Gimp, Photopea, and Artweaver are perfect for easy edits. Click here to read more about Best Ways to Open and Edit PSD files Without Photoshop.

Facebook Templates

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