Growth & Profit Plan: Client Intake and Onboarding


With this complete Client Intake and Onboarding Growth & Profit Plan, I will show you:

  • A system to quickly identify your best customer or ideal client
  • How to stop winging it and handle clients who push the boundaries
  • How to set up a smooth intake process and new client onboarding

Read more below to see what this growth & profit plan includes.


Delighting your clients from the start means they’ll return and send referrals. Without a great intake system, you’ll end up recreating the wheel over and over again. #wasteoftimeandenergy

With this Client Intake and Onboarding Growth & Profit Plan, I’ll show you how to painlessly weed out those who can’t afford you, won’t do the work, or just aren’t the right match – before they even sign up. No more wasted phone calls – high five!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this lesson:

  • How to stop winging it when it comes to setting boundaries and what to do when clients push boundaries
  • A great system for a smooth client intake and setting up the client for success from the beginning that you can model
  • Action sheets for new client intakes and new client setup systems that you can use as a resource


The Client Intake & Onboarding Growth & Profit Plan includes:

  • Training video
  • Downloadable audio
  • Transcript
  • Slide deck
  • Sample workflow of a “New Client Setup” for products and services – your A-Z roadmap showing you “do this first, then do that”
  • Sample intake form for a coaching client
  • Sample intake form for a project client

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