Growth & Profit Plan: Package Pricing


With this complete Creating New Products Growth & Profit Plan, I will show you:

  • How to create and launch a product
  • How to make sure your ideas aren’t forgotten
  • How to team up with others
  • Sample project plans and calendars

Read more below to see what this growth & profit plan includes.


Without a clear plan for delivering the products and services you sell, you’re simply flying by the seat of your pants. Aka winging it. Aka losing money.  

When it comes to production, the mere thought of creating products overwhelms business owners. Having created dozens of products, I can tell you there is A. CRAP. TON. of moving parts. But I actually really dig that stuff, that’s my thing. (I’m guessing not so much for everyone else?) No overwhelm here, because I break this down into manageable pieces.

Want to know how to make more money? It’s called Package Pricing. Maybe you’ve heard of it 😉

With this Package Pricing Growth & Profit Plan, you can get away from spending all that time on customized quotes or feeling like you are working without getting paid.


The Package Pricing Growth & Profit Plan includes:

  • Training video
  • Downloadable audio
  • Transcript
  • Slide deck
  • Package Pricing Worksheet

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