Growth & Profit Plan: Offline Marketing & Networking Events


With this complete Offline Marketing and Networking Events Growth & Profit Plan:

  • Learn how to use all of your options when it comes to offline marketing
  • You’ll have a complete follow-up system for offline and networking events
  • You’ll also have a step-by-step action plan

Read more below to see what this growth & profit plan includes.


Too often I see people who have a critical patient on the table (STRATEGY) and they are busy decorating the operating room (TACTICS). As you have learned, all tactics with no strategy doesn’t work.

These simple marketing and relationship systems will help you discover where you’re wasting time and losing opportunities while teaching you how to take advantage of more of the people who are already coming through your virtual door. 

Let marketing systems do the HEAVY LIFTING! Once you complete this part of your business, you’ll wonder what to do with all that delicious FREE TIME. If there was an autopilot button, you’d have to oil that sucker up because you’ll be using it a lot!

With this Offline Marketing and Networking Events Growth & Profit Plan, you’ll actually have a process to follow up with all those smart people you met at that conference last weekend who seemed interested in your offer, instead of using your old system (throwing those business cards in a shoebox never to do be seen again).


The Offline Marketing Growth & Profit Plan includes:

  • Training video
  • Downloadable audio
  • Transcript
  • Slide deck
  • Leads Action Plan (so you know how to follow up with leads )
  • “Finding the Right CRM System” decision workflow to help you determine what you need, how to pare down the options, and make a decision

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