10 Difficult Client Situations and How to Manage Them with Grace & Ease


Complete Kit: 10 Difficult Client Situations and How to Manage Them with Grace & Ease


Operating a business in today’s climate is challenging in its own right. Dealing with difficult client situations can make it an even more problematic. Without carefully set and adhered to boundaries, problem clients can rob you of your joy in the work you do and take your time and attention away from other clients.

There are many things you can do to manage these difficult client situations more efficiently so you can get back on track and help your clients achieve the great things you know they’re capable of.

If you ask 50 coaches and service providers, within any specialties, if they have faced difficult client situations in their careers, all 50 of them will respond with a resounding, “Yes!” Difficult client situations are par for the course, especially in this line of work.

In this complete kit, I give you some tools to address 10 common difficult client situations in a manner that is as painless as possible for yourself, your business, and your clients.

What you Get with Your Kit:

  • 25 Page Guide giving you solutions to 10 difficult client situations
  • “21 Idea Blueprint” giving you twenty one ideas
  • 4 week done-for-you calendar
  • Comprehensive action checklist
  • Resource Directory with links to tools and resources
  • Worksheet – Use this Worksheet to start planning how you will handle difficult client situations!


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