“In Case of Emergency” Fillable Planner


Prepare for the unexpected and have peace of mind knowing that the important things in life are taken care of with this 50-page planner.

Read more below about what is included in the planner.


“In Case of Emergency” FILLABLE Legacy Planner / Documentation Binder

Prepare for the unexpected and have peace of mind knowing that the important things in life are taken care of! If the unexpected happens, no one wants to leave their family or loved ones in a bind (or be left in a bind yourself), trying to figure out all the things – financial accounts, bills, final wishes, health directives, online usernames and passwords, insurance coverage, wills, and the list goes on.

You can plan and prepare yourself and your loved ones for the unexpected with the “In Case of Emergency” planner. This planner includes 50 pages of emergency preparedness, all organized and easy to access when needed. Digital download includes forms to fill out, as well as suggestions of copies of forms and documents to add to complete your family emergency “What If?” binder.

Filling out these pages are easy. You can print then handwrite or type in the PDFs then print. All of these pages are FULLY FILLABLE and customizable, meaning you can add text in the preset text field boxes before printing. Please note, you can NOT edit the text on the page as it’s in PDF format.

Categories include:

  • Personal Information
  • Insurance Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Household Expenses
  • Assets & Liabilities
  • Username and Passwords
  • Medical Information
  • End-of-Life Arrangements
  • Important Documents
  • Notes

How to use this planner:

  1. Download your planner
  2. Create a ‘blank copy’ so that you can print blank pages when needed
  3. Open planner with Adobe Acrobat
  4. Complete worksheets
  5. Save a digital copy in a safe space
  6. Print a copy to put in a binder or fire-safe container

Please note:

  • The planner is a digital product for instant download after purchase.
  • No physical product will be shipped.



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