Low-End Offers Project Plan & Template Kit


Complete Project Plan and Template Kit to help you strategize, plan, and launch your low-end offers! Includes checklists, swipe files, worksheets, marketing plan, and a task-tracking calendar.

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Low-End Offers Templates

I know without a doubt, that selling low-end digital products is a highly viable & profitable business model.

This is true for lots of reasons, but it’s especially true because lower-priced offers – more so than many other online offerings, even those “high-end” consulting packages or masterminds – can have crazy-high profit margins.

Just think about it…

  • You create a digital product once, in a weekend–from brilliant content you’ve already created (or dreamt up in your latest meditation session).
  • You package it up with a pretty ebook, mesmerizing mini-course or wow-worthy workbook.
  • You market and sell it–over and over again–with just minor tweaks each time.

Which means…

  • You don’t have to “show up” to deliver live calls (or pay for that expensive monthly Zoom subscription–except when you want to).
  • You don’t have to coach anyone live or block out huge chunks of your day to “deliver” (time that you could otherwise spend lounging in cute joggers or trying out that new paleo Pinterest recipe, BTW).
  • You don’t have to continually hope & pray that every month you’ll find someone (okay, 5-10 someones!) who trusts you enough to shell out more than their monthly mortgage payment to work with you.

Sounds incredible, right?

Your project plan can be used in your own business or you can use with your clients.

As a business owner with an assistant all you have to do is customize the plan to your specific business goals and needs and then hand off to your assistant.

If you’re a service provider and  want to use with your clients, you can:

Get on the phone with your client for a strategy session and use the kit as your guide. You’ll come across as a total expert AND you’ll create an action plan for your client at the same time!

  • Print off the docs to have in front of you during your call
  • Discuss each step in depth using the kit content as a guide
  • Walk through the questions and exercises with your client and write their answers right on the plan pages
  • Wrap up the call with a plan of action for how you’ll proceed and assist your client in their business

Here’s what you get:

  • Step-by-Step Marketing Plan
  • Templates + Worksheets + Swipe Files + And More!
    • 7 Must-have Funnel Emails
    • Audience Needs Worksheet
    • Content Dominance Guidebook
    • Crafting Your Unique Messaging Template
    • Crystallize Success Worksheet
    • Funnel Flow Worksheet
    • Low-End Offer Worksheet
    • Mindmap to Your $$$ Offers
    • Pricing Worksheet
    • Product Sales Email Template
    • Sales Script Email Template
    • Social Media Template
    • Solution-Driven Offers Worksheets
    • Step-by-Step Low-End Product Setup
    • Test Your Idea Worksheet
    • Welcome Funnel Email Templates
  • Task Tracking Calendar
    • This calendar is such a simple but powerful tool with task reminders to help you stay on schedule and meet deadlines.
  • Checklists
    • Effortless Setup Checklist
    • Launch Checklist
    • Low-End Offer Strategy Checklist
    • Prelaunch Checklist
    • Sales Funnel Checklist
    • Tech To-Do Checklist

As you can see, all of the templates included in the Low-End Offer Empire Project Plan and Template Kit will give you the boost you need to get started creating low-end offers.

Low-End Offers Project Plan & Template Kit

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