7 Ways to Make Sales–No List Required!


Ever had any of the following thoughts buzzing around in your brain?

“Once I wrap up this client/project/weekend trip with the family, I can finally focus on building my list.”


“I hate writing sales email and to be honest, I’d rather tweeze my eyebrows/watch the grass grow/fold laundry for three hours than write one ever again.”

Or even:

“I don’t have a list, and frankly I don’t have the time/energy/desire to spend months or years building one. Can’t I sell some other way–please-oh-please?”


No matter where you fall on the above spectrum, one thing’s for certain: You deserve to make money from your work.

And even better?

You CAN do it without contributing to the already-noisy inboxes of your ideal clients (or crafting one more dreaded sales email that you loathe writing and/or not enough people respond to).

YES, you can grow your audience AND sell online, EVEN IF…

You don’t have a bulging email list (or an email list at all!).

You’re not social media famous with a massive warm audience on “the Gram” (or Facebook, or wherever else).

You have a never-ending To Do List (what entrepreneur doesn’t?) and a zillion and one personal and professional responsibilities to juggle.

As Long As You Have an Offer People Want–You Can Sell to, and Serve Lots of People, Sans an Email List!

Here’s what I assume: You’re here because while you might enjoy the occasional “50% off” email from your fave online retailer (because who doesn’t love “stocking up” on antibacterial soap, or $20 jeans?), you’re dying to sell online without writing sales emails or having to “build up” your list.


If so, I’m here to deliver some very good news:

In order to sell online, you only need two things.

1: An offer people actually want to buy.

2: A vehicle for getting that offer in front of said people.

(Notice how neither one of said necessary things is an email list. Whew.)

And while I’ll never knock email marketing because it definitely works for some businesses, it is far and away NOT the only way to get your incredible offer in front of the people who need it and will be crazy-excited to buy it.

I’m also going to assume that if you’re reading this, you already have that first part on lock.

As for the second part? Well, I’ve got you covered.

Say hello to…

7 Ways to Make Sales–No List Required!

Snap up this training today & you’ll learn the 7 most effective ways to sell out your offers and make a healthy profit online–without an email list.

This training will dive deep into a treasure trove of unique, fresh ways you can ditch your list (or your guilt about not having one) and still make massive sales online.

Wondering what you’ll learn? Here’s a peek at the topics we’ll cover in this value-packed training…

You’ll learn how to:

  • Start thinking “outside the list” and set up the fundamentals for selling online without one (which is probably much easier than you think!)
  • Leverage your existing social media and get your current audience gobbling up what you sell (even if your audience is teeny-tiny!)
  • Motivate your viewers to snap up your offers via video (whether that’s FB Lives, IG Lives, YouTube or anywhere else!)
  • Send heartfelt, personalized invitations to the right people so you can get connected to the right (sometimes, very large) audiences–for free
  • Blog your way into the hearts of the people you’re here to help (and help them see why you’re the right person to open their wallet to, too)
  • Team up with your fave colleagues and boost both of your bottom lines, in a non-sleazy way
  • Step into the world of paid advertising to quickly get in front of large, highly-targeted audiences (and how to decide if this approach is right for your business!)
  • Plus: A multitude of other fun, fresh ways to expand your reach, connect deeply with the humans on the other side of your computer and sell out your offers with ease–all without sending a single “newsletter” or sales email!!

By the end, you’ll be able to break up with your email service provider (temporarily–or for good, if that’s your jam!) and still easily and confidently sell your meaningful work online.

(Oh, and if you don’t have an email service provider? Well, you can stop beating yourself up about it. Finally, am I right?)

Just imagine:

  • Spending just a few hours (or minutes!) a week on the social media platforms you already love and winding up with fresh leads in your DMs (yes, even if you don’t have a million followers!)
  • Sharing your hard-won expertise with the audiences of well-trusted colleagues, biz besties and other industry experts and watching sales roll in as you speak (or sleep)
  • Never again staring at a blank Google Doc (or ConvertKit template) for hours wondering what to say (and how to say it “persuasively”) and instead getting your work and your message out there more quickly & easily
  • Making more sales than you ever have–without sending a single email to your (small, non-existent or unengaged) list

… and more!

Here’s the deal: You’re a talented entrepreneur with a high-value offer, That’s a given.

But if you’ve been holding yourself back because you don’t love emailing your list, don’t have an engaged or active list (read: you write to your list and get those oh-so-dreaded crickets in return) or simply don’t have an email list at all, this is for you.

The truth is, the money isn’t just in the list. There are SO many ways to make money online–and I guarantee once you dive into this value-packed training, you’ll discover at least one (or seven!) that resonate with your unique personality and your unique business goals.

Because while this is a practical training, yes– it’s also about liberating you from the belief that you have to do things “one way” or “the right way” to get major, life-changing results in your business.

You have options when it comes to the work you do, and you have options when it comes to how you market your work. Plain and simple.

Join me inside and I’ll personally walk you through the latest & greatest non-email marketing tactics you can use to boost your bottom line–without wasting months or years trying to build up an audience from scratch.

…Or sending a string of “Last chance!” emails you don’t even feel confident–or excited–about.


Yep: Marketing your work online can be simple, fun and effective.

Sound good? Then I can’t wait to support you!

TDLR; This training will help you sell and serve online without sending a single email (unless you want to).

7 Ways to Make Sales–No List Required!

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