Online Event/Summit Planning Templates


A complete bundle of worksheets, spreadsheets, checklists, templates, forms, and graphics plus an Insider’s Guide on how to create a successful online event.

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Online Event/Summit Planning Templates

An online summit is a virtual conference. Launching your own summit is a great way to build your email list, network with other industry names, and grow your authority. It can also help you level up your business, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck lately.

All of the templates included in the Online Summit Planning Templates bundle will give you the boost you need to get started planning for your next successful event.

Here’s what you get:

  • Insider’s Guide with tips on how to create a successful summit
  • Planner Worksheet – This planner will help you hash out the details for your online event from deciding on a name to deciding on a platform. Keeping all the details in this planner will help keep you organized.
  • Scheduling Spreadsheet – a detailed spreadsheet that will help you organize all of your speaker information so you have it all in one place.
  • Email Templates
    • Speaker Invite – invitation to make it super easy for you to invite guests to be a part of your online event. It gives them the details and benefits they should know while they consider joining you.
    • Speaker Follow-Up – If you haven’t heard back from a potential participant, don’t give up. Use this email template to send a follow-up email as a reminder to encourage them to get back to you.
    • 3 Speaker Acceptance Email Templates – Once your speaker accepts your request to be part of your event, you will want to be prepared to send them more details right away. I’ve got 3 email letter templates you can run with based on your event:
      • Speaker Acceptance Letter
      • Speaker Application Acceptance Letter
      • Speaker Interview Acceptance Letter
    • 3 Follow-Up & Thank You Email Templates – You’ll get 3 more email templates to help keep the event running and finish smoothly while keeping your guests on track:
      • Follow-Up for Missing Information Email
      • 24-Hour Reminder Email
      • Thank You for Participating Email
  • Application Template – Make it easy for your potential guests to apply to be a part of your event. With this application template, you know you are asking all the questions needed to decide if the applicant is right for your event. I’ve got you covered.
  • Schedule & Submission Form Template – Once your guests have agreed to be a part of your event, you’ll need to start preparing the schedule and marketing materials. Use this template to request all the details you need from your guests to ensure you present them in the best way possible during the event.
  • Speaker Release Form Template – To protect yourself and your business, use this template to get written permission from each of your participants to ensure that you have the right to share and use the materials they provide you during your online event.
  • Organization Checklists – To keep you organized and on track before the event, I’ve got these detailed organization checklists to keep you on track.
  • Marketing Checklists – You want your event to be a success, which means marketing is crucial. Use this handy checklist before your launch, during your event, and after to be sure you don’t miss a thing when it comes to marketing.
  • Running a Smooth Event Checklists – The better you prepare for your event, the more smooth it will go. Use these checklists to ensure everything runs as planned during the event from the location, to the speakers, to the tech these checklists will help.
  • Sales Page Template – I’ve even included a template for creating your sales page. Just plug in all the details for your event and you’re done!
  • Graphics – You want to display your guests and event details with eye-catching graphics. I’ve created them for you! You’ll get the following in both .jpg (blank and samples) and .psd to versions so you can edit and make your own.
    • Single Speaker Graphic (.jpg and .psd)
    • Multi-Speaker Graphic (.jpg and .psd)
    • Single Speaker Graphic with room for more details (.jpg and .psd)
    • Register Now button for your sales page (.png and .psd)

As you can see, all of the templates included in the Online Summit Planning Templates bundle will give you the boost you need to get started planning for your next successful event.

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