How to Stop Procrastinating as a Solopreneur


Complete Kit: How to Stop Procrastinating as a Solopreneur

Read below to see what you get with this kit.


You’ll hear people give all sorts of reasons why they haven’t yet created a product, put together a membership site, started building a list, or even just started that exercise program. Everything they say is most likely valid. They’re being truthful. They’re not making excuses. But look one step deeper, and what you’ll also find is… procrastination.

We all do it. We all procrastinate for different reasons. We have different trigger points. And we all procrastinate in different ways.

The thing about procrastination is how sneaky our own minds can be. For example, one copywriter might procrastinate by doing endless research on a project. She’s not sitting around twiddling her thumbs. She’s not playing Wordle. She’s doing vital work for her project, and her project is on her mind.

In this complete kit, I’m going to show you how to overcome procrastination. Try out the one that resonates most with you—or try them all – you might be surprised at what works for you!

What you Get with Your Kit:

  • 18-Page Guide giving you the solutions to overcoming procrastination
  • “21 Idea Blueprint” – While there are common causes and reasons for procrastination, there are even more “cures.” Pick through these twenty-one ideas to find strategies that work for you
  • 4-week done-for-you calendar to face your procrastination and become accountable for it (even if “accountability” is not your favorite word)
  • Comprehensive action checklist
  • Resource Directory with links to tools and resources
  • Worksheet – Use this Worksheet to isolate, identify, and define your procrastination points, habits, and tendencies, as well as plan strategies to bust them

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