Planner Templates


Complete bundle of Planner templates in JPG and Photoshop (PSD) format to help you create your own customized planners to share or sell to your audience.

Read more below about what is included in the bundle.


Planners help you and your followers accomplish their goals. They help people get and stay organized. Planners eliminate procrastination. What keeps your followers and customers stuck isn’t how big a task is or how long it will take. The challenge for most people is not knowing where to begin. But when you offer a planner that’s broken down into individual steps, you help your customers get started.

Include Planners in Your Content Marketing  

The wonderful thing about planners is they can be used in almost any niche and adapted for almost any purpose. You could create a planner for everything from weight loss to puppy training to budgeting. Here are three quick ways to share planners with your community:  

  • Offer it as part of a course. If you already have a lengthy report or an MP3 on a topic that’s important to your customers, take it a step further. Add a planner into your product and sell it as a “self-study course.”  
  • Put it on Amazon. Millions of shoppers visit Amazon each day looking for solutions to their problems. So, why not give them the opportunity to purchase your shiny new planner, too?  
  • Make it an opt-in gift. Planners are very popular gifts to website visitors. That’s because they’re easy to download and implement. You’re not just telling your community what to do; you’re showing them step-by-step.  

Here’s what you get:

  • Insider’s Guide with tips and instructions on how to create and market your own customized planners
  • 10 Professionally Designed Planner Templates (.docx) 
    • These templates can be used as a jump start for your planner creation. Each is a unique design you can use as is or update to fit your style.
  • Planner Creation Checklist
    • This checklist will help to ensure you don’t miss a thing as you create and prepare your planners to sell. It includes tips for what to include in your planner as well as how to market them.
  • 100 Time Management and Organization Quotes
    • This list of time management and organization quotes will come in handy as you create your planner. Just copy and paste them onto your planner pages making it super easy.
  • Planner Cover Templates
    • 10 examples in JPG format – examples to show you what can be done with the cover templates
    • 10 blank examples in JPG format  (add your own text to these templates, Photoshop not needed)
    • 10 templates with prompts in Photoshop (PSD) format – with Photoshop you can take these templates and edit them to create your own customized planner covers
    • 10 sets of 4 covers in 3D versions in PNG format

As you can see, everything included here will make it easy for you to get started creating and selling your own customized planners to help get your audience organized while creating a passive income stream in your business.

NOTE: You don’t need Photoshop in Order to Use These Templates

To add text to the images, you can use your image editing software, upload to Canva and edit there, or use an online program such as Pixlr. You also don’t need Photoshop to edit the PSD files – programs such as Gimp, Photopia, and Artweaver are perfect for easy edits. Click here to read more about Best Ways to Open and Edit PSD files Without Photoshop.

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