Profiting From Free Offers


A complete bundle of 20 “free offer” templates plus an Insider’s Guide on how to use these free offer templates within your funnels to grow your business using free offers.

Read more below about what is included in the bundle.



Profiting From Free Offers

Why in the world would I give something away for free? That’s what many businesses think. The reality is, free offers are valuable and they work. Freebies are a great way for people to get to know you. They are perfect for allowing potential customers to try before they buy.

While there are many benefits to the potential customers, you, the business owner can reap the benefits too. Freebies allow you to pre-qualify your potential customers. They allow you to quickly build your mailing list. They give you the ability to continue to contact these people to nurture the relationship so they become paying customers. Even better, they are the perfect way to make sales. That’s right, you can profit from giving stuff away.

Think about it. When you get something for free, you are excited. Doubly so if the person or company giving away the item has a solid reputation that you recognize or trust. So, when you see an offer after receiving the freebie, you’re more likely to buy, right?

The key to making this method work is to know your audience; what they want and need to solve their problem. Your free offer starts them on the journey to resolving their issue, the upsell(s) give them more tools or information so they can complete the process quickly or easily.

Here’s what you get:

  • Insider’s Guide with tips, instructions, and creative ideas on how to use these templates within your funnels to grow your business using “free offers.”
  • 12 Templates (.doc) – Includes templates for sign-up page, thank you page, and thank you email for each type of offer:
    • Opt-In Offers
    • Free Consultations
    • Webinars
    • Free Offer with Paid Shipping
  •  Also includes a Funnel Diagram Template & Example (.pptx) for each type of offer

As you can see, everything included in the Profiting from Free Offers Templates will make it easy for you to convert your subscribers into paying customers so that you can finally focus on the tasks that will grow your business.


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