Social Media Project Plan & Template Kit


Complete Project Plan and Template Kit to help free yourself from the daily demands of social media management. Includes a step-by-step marketing plan, templates, checklists, tracking calendars, worksheets, and more!

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Social Media Project Plan & Templates

You’ve got a jam-packed schedule pretty much every single day.

  • First, your elaborate (albeit, sanity-saving) morning routine
  • Then, back-to-back client projects (with clients you love, of course)
  • Oh, and then there’s a podcast interview (or a zoom with your business bestie or accountabilibuddy, depending on the day)
  • And then somewhere in between you also need to squeeze in a workout, healthy lunch, and figure out the daycare schedule

All while making sure you’re creating fresh content for social media, responding to comments within an acceptable timeframe, and making sure it all looks on-point (overwhelmed yet?).

Here’s the thing:

Your business is growing (yay!) but the new clients and opportunities also mean an increased workload (booo) and way less time to do the things you were doing to grow your business in the first place.

If social media is becoming a giant burnout and you’ve thought about delegating it but then go into panic mode because you don’t know where to start, don’t know what to hand off, or how to guide the person to do what you need them to do… I have the perfect solution.

The Social Media Project Plan & Template Kit includes a Step-by-Step Marketing Plan + Templates + Checklists + More!

Free yourself from the daily demands of social media management and put systems in place using my done-for-you marketing plan and templates!

Here’s what you get:

  • Step-by-Step Marketing Plan (.doc format)
    • Getting Started
      • Marketing Strategy Overview
      • Timeline & Budget
    • Section One: Build Your Social Foundation for Freedom
    • Section Two: Prep Your Social Media for Guaranteed Success
    • Section Three: Magnify Your Social Media Results and Increase Your Bottom Line
  • Templates + Worksheets + Swipe Files + And More! (.doc format)
    • Baseline Stats Worksheet
    • Business Brand Template
    • Content Bucket Template
    • Content Publication Template
    • Editorial Calendar
    • Content Repurposing Worksheet
    • Evergreen Machine for Social Media
    • Image and Brand Best Practice worksheet
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Report worksheet
    • Meaningful Metric Reports
    • Social Media Channel Analytics Tracking
    • Promo Plan Worksheet
    • Show Up Comparison Worksheet
    • Social Media Engagement Strategy
    • Social Media Publication Schedule
  • Task Tracking Calendar (.doc format)
    • This calendar is such a simple but powerful tool with task reminders to help you stay on schedule and meet deadlines.
  • Checklists (.doc format)
    • Facebook Marketing Checklist
    • Instagram Marketing Checklist
    • LinkedIn Marketing Checklist
    • Monthly Social Media Report Checklist
    • Pinterest Marketing Checklist
    • Repurpose Your Content Checklist
    • Social Media Channels Checklist
    • Social Media Manager Roles Checklist
    • Social Media Delegation Checklist
    • Social Media Tools Report Checklist
    • Twitter Marketing Checklist
    • Weekly Social Media Report Checklist
    • YouTube Marketing Checklist
  • Monthly Results Report (.pdf format)
    • A fill-in-the-blanks report that your assistant can fill in at the end of every month or the completion of your project. It will give you a snapshot of your business after the new marketing plan has been implemented, what your assistant worked on, what else she can do to help you clear your plate, share feedback, unexpected hurdles, etc.

Your project plan can be used in your own business or you can use with your clients!

These DFY project plans are chock full of automation techniques, time-saving systems, and step-by-step guides to show you exactly what you need to do and when. Most of the documents come in .doc format so that you can customize them to your business needs. But here’s the beautiful part, not only can you use these ready-made templates and plans in your OWN business, but you can also use with your CLIENTS as well!

Here’s how:

  1. Use the project plan as your guide while you strategize with your client as you discuss each marketing plan step in depth
  2. Walk through the questions with your client, writing out the answers on the pages
  3. Wrap up the call with a plan of action for how to proceed and assist your client in their business

You’ll come across as a total pro as you take initiative and have all the bases covered. Create a new service offering with every project plan!

Social Media Project Plan & Template Kit

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