Webinar Planner + Bonus Planner Sheets


When it comes to coaching, training, or teaching tools, you have lots of options, especially for connecting with your audience. But none are as flexible as webinars.

Simply fill in the blanks and you can use this Webinar Planner + Bonus Sheets to help get yourself and your business out there in a big way!

Read below to see what you get in this valuable pack.


Smart business owners know you can easily use webinars to:

  • Conduct one-on-one coaching calls
  • Create evergreen products
  • Host a telesummit
  • Kick off a big launch
  • Promote an affiliate offer

With that much flexibility, though, it can feel pretty overwhelming to get started. But in just a few minutes, by following a simple plan, you can put the power of webinars to work in your online business.

What This Package Includes:

  • Step-by-Step Webinar Planner (21 pages)
  • Bonus Planner Sheets (5 pages)

The Webinar Planner Covers (21 pages):

  • Step 1: Determine Your Goals
  • Step 2: Schedule Your Event
  • Step 3: Plan Your Content
  • Step 4: Invite Your Guests (Optional)
  • Step 5: Promote Your Event
  • Step 6: Cash In By Following Up and Repurposing

Bonus Planner Sheets (5 pages):

  • Targets Worksheet
  • Webinar Content Plan
  • Email Plan
  • Affiliate Promotion Plan
  • Advertising Plan

You will LOVE having this webinar planner + Bonus Sheets to print off and use in your business!

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