What is a growth mindset?

According to Psychology Today, the definition of a growth mindset is “the personal belief that you can develop your individual abilities through hard work and dedication.”

The truth is, without a growth mindset, you will not be motivated or properly focused in your efforts on a personal, or business level.

However, when you are propelled forward by a growth mindset, you internally generate the energy and drive to solve any problem as well as tackle all forms of adversity not only in your business, but in every area of your life.

Why Does it Matter Whether You Have a Growth Mindset or Not?

Once again, according to the experts at Psychology Today, if you have a “fixed mindset” as opposed to a growth mindset, more than likely you shy away from challenges due to the fear of failure.

Having a fear of making mistakes can be very detrimental to personal and professional success. This is especially true if you find yourself avoiding challenges which can propel you forward in your quest to achieve the goals in your life.

The bottom line is, if you possess a “growth mindset,” you will ignore the risks and move forward because you are driven by a love for learning and personal growth.

On top of that, having a growth mindset allows you to build new skills more easily than you would otherwise for the simple reason, you believe you can and you also really work at it on an ongoing basis.

Here are Two Major Differences between “Fixed” and “Growth Mindset”


When you’re faced with hard work, the person who has a “fixed mindset” will in many cases recruit someone else to do the hardest part of the job, while the “growth mindset” person will forge ahead because they believe in order to receive a desired result, as much effort as need is required.

When it’s all said and done, if you are going to master a task, you will need to apply a concerted degree of mental and physical energy.


Many times, a fixed mindset person runs off and hides in an effort to avoid responsibilities.

Opposite of that is the “growth mindset” person who embraces and views a challenge as something that is exciting and engaging. They will “stick to it,” and are able to move on to ever greater accomplishments.

Six Excellent Ways You Can Foster a Growth Mindset

Transforming your mindset from one that is “fixed” to a superior “growth mindset” should ideally begin by taking tiny baby steps, one at a time.

Here’s how:

  1. Start by recognizing and accepting your own imperfections in yourself and others you know and meet. After all, everyone has flaws, peculiarities, and limitations.
  2. If you find yourself fearful in the face of a serious challenge, stay calm and reframe the situation in your mind. Consider the task as an “opportunity” and not as something that is hurtful or harmful, and plunge straight ahead. Experiment with and try using a variety of different tactics to coach yourself about how to proceed on a new path, or develop a new skill, talk and mingle with a new group of people, or tackle any number of other encounters.
  3. A recent article in Psychology Today encourages you to pay special attention to your words and thoughts. Concentrate on the words you speak, even the ones floating around in your mind. If your words are low or dark, the words you speak and the results will be also.
  4. Get alone and meditate and see what thoughts come through to the point where you are convinced you know yourself along with your purpose. Once that is established, pursue your vision and watch as your dream comes to pass.
  5. Turn any sort of criticism around and use it as a motivator. If you will open up to hearing suggestions, you will develop a growth mindset far easier, and far faster than you would otherwise.
  6. Learn from not only your own mistakes but also the miscues of others. If you can develop yourself this way, you will find yourself making far fewer mistakes. This practice will also serve to calm the fear of trying new things, which is a key building block to developing and nourishing a growth mindset.