#10: 6 Tips to Get Super Organized with Your Small Business Finances

Mar 4, 2018 | Office Operations

I used to dread the ‘paperwork’ part of doing taxes because I used a system of spreadsheets and an outdated accounting program, but things have gotten way smoother since I implemented a strong foundation and online programs.

As I was reviewing the video, I noticed that I use the phrases “don’t do what I did” and “I don’t want this to happen to you” a LOT. But this is a normal part of being a business owner – making a crap ton of mistakes. And I admittedly have made a lot of mistakes, especially when it came to setting up systems for handling small business finances.

If handling your small business finances is an area that makes you tear your hair out, you need super simple systems, I got you covered!

As a small business owner, there is always something that needs to be done. Manage small business finances? That’s an easy one to put off for another day. And that’s how chaos happens. These six easy tips will help you manage your small business finances and stay organized.

Here are some resources mentioned in the video:

In addition to helping you avoid headaches at tax time, these tips will help you stop on top of your small business finances and create a system that works for you.

If your current scheduling / invoicing system isn’t working for you, check out Honeybook (my referral link gets you a 50% discount for a whole year!)

Want a shortcut in setting things up? Check out my Financial and Payment Systems Growth and Profit Plan for sale in my shop at 30% off for this month only!

With this complete Financial & Payment Systems Growth & Profit Plan, you’ll get:

  • Simple bookkeeping systems for the solopreneur
  • Sample chart of accounts
  • Templates for collections, failed payments, renewals and more

Do you have any helpful tips or tried-and-true systems for handling small business finances? Tell me below!



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