#43: Social Media Mistakes (I see all the time)

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In this week’s video, I talk about social media mistakes with the help of Scott Stratten, author of Un-Marketing.

Today we are going to talk about social media mistakes. Because we all make them 🙂

I’m going to be taking a lot of the lessons from the book unMarketing by Scott Stratten. He autographed it because we did a project together, so when I went to see him and got the book, he wrote, “Sorry for the pain I’ve caused.” I thought that was really funny.

So let’s go ahead and jump into social media mistakes.

First one is giving up too soon. In the book, Scott talks about traction, momentum, and expansion. You have to start by building traction. The key here is consistency. You can’t tweet once a week, add a post here add a post there, and expect to have any success or gain any traction. Momentum happens when you begin to see engagement and this is going to be different for all of you.  This is the time to start using social media more efficiently by integrating apps and schedulers. Now, Scott writes that he built up his Twitter following and then created his blog so that he’d have something to send them to. That was his definition of expansion. But for you, the idea is to get momentum on one platform before expanding and getting overwhelmed.

Two – Focusing on numbers and not relationships. We are human and sometimes social media turns into a popularity contest for sure. It’s not about the numbers. Stop obsessing. And for gosh sake, don’t be ruled by FOMO.

Third, not realizing that everything you post EVERYthing you post, every comment, every post, every picture, is an extension of your brand. This goes to deciding if you’re going to post on religious beliefs, politics, it’s so hard to navigate.  If it’s part of your brand, then totally fine and there’s no right or wrong way to do this and you’ll figure it out eventually. But just know that everything you post is an extension of your brand, even if it’s your personal Facebook profile, just know that.

Next mistake is copying other people or being inauthentic. When you say, “Hey, I’m a social media manager and I can help you get to 10,000” and you only have 100 followers, people are going to see that it’s not congruent. So be sure to be authentic about what you’re putting out there so that it matches. Or saying “I’m a six-figure sales coach” if you’re not making six figures. I have a real problem with that.

Next is outsourcing relationship building. I think it’s ok to use a scheduler, they are great but don’t have your assistant act as though she’s you. when people don’t want to seem inauthentic, but your assistant can answer simple questions and responses, it’s the real-time engagement that they came for. So don’t get hung up on using automation.

Next is to have unrealistic expectations. Building up your social media platform for your business will take time. Be yourself, engage with people, post the good and the bad, take a break when you need to. And if you don’t have the time to engage, then don’t be on social media. It’s not the end of the world and it may just be what your business needs which is why I’m contemplating ditching social media altogether. More on that next week.


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