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How Social Media Turns into Leads

How Social Media Turns into Leads

Social media is great for building a community and getting to know people. But, in order to make it useful for business you have to move people from prospects to leads by getting them onto your email list, or getting them to buy a product or use a service to also get them on a list. There are a few ways that you can leverage social media to turn prospects into leads.

* Identify Where Social Media Fits in with Your Marketing Funnel – Sometimes people join your social media due to having visited your website. They may have liked what you said, but didn’t yet want to sign up for an email list. Sometimes they find your social media in other ways without ever having visited your website. Look at your marketing funnel and your product funnel to see where social media fits in, and act accordingly.

* Make It Easy for Prospects to Convert – You can have multiple ways for your social media followers to join your email lists. For example, you can have a sign-up page on Facebook as well as on your website.  You can even have two separate lists (segmented) depending on where they sign up.

* Give Away Something Valuable – It always helps to have a lead magnet that is valuable to them and solves at least one problem they have quickly. You don’t want it to be a long drawn-out process that they have to go through for weeks for the lead magnet to work well. It should be a quick solution to a problem that keeps them up at night but is easy to solve.

* Build Relationships with Your Followers – Take the time to interact with your social media followers so that they want to know more about you. Answer their questions, help them, and be a resource to them. The more you can show that side of your personality and engage with the followers, the more likely they are to want to sign up for your offerings.

* Create a Special Email Campaign for Social Media Prospects – You may not want to send the same email marketing campaign to everyone. You can have a different one based on where they sign up, which freebie they download and more. Each leads to the same thing, but is done differently based on where the audience member is in your marketing and product funnel.

* Test, Measure and Adjust – Always set goals that are specific so that you have a way to measure your results. If you’re not meeting your goals, figure out where you can adjust something to make it work just a little bit better. That’s what’s awesome about online marketing; it’s adjustable on the fly.

* Host a Contest – Ensure that you follow the rules of the social network in order to host a contest, using the right third party or native service to do the contest correctly. A contest can help get email sign-ups fast.

* Run an Ad Campaign – This is especially great for Facebook because you can target your ad so closely, even down to marketing only to your own groups if you want to. Running ads is a sure-fire way to get people to move from prospects to leads fast.

Most social media followers are just learning about you and want to see how you do things. They’re going to observe for a while, get to know you and then eventually jump on board. For the best results, use different methods to get them on your email list and then market to them specifically depending on where they came into your list.

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