If you can share personal and touching moments with your clients during the holidays it will help connect you to your clients in a way that might not normally occur. There is a fine line between sharing too much personal information with your clients and completely ignoring the traditional holidays that most of your site visitors probably celebrate.

Of course, you need to know who your visitors are, who your target market is, and what is important to them before you can know for sure which holidays are important to them. Once you know this information, you can start making certain assumptions which will allow you to spread the spirit of any season important to your target market a few different ways.

Get personal

You can share with your customers in the form of a post, or a video, what their business means to you during this special time of year. You can talk about where you were before you started your business and where you are today and how it makes this holiday or special day even better.

Create appropriate content

If you want to spread the spirit of any season with your clients you will need to focus your content on the specific season’s celebrations. Include the important keywords such as “Christmas gifts,” “Hanukkah gifts,” “gifts for mom,” or “gifts for dad,” or even “tax saving specials.” Any season can have something special about it worth spreading. Your content should reflect whatever it is you’re promoting.

Help your visitors help others

You can tie in your promotions with helping others. You can create a special campaign just to collect funds for a specific charity. Say you want to collect money for the Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving meal program, you can make sure to start your promotions and specials early so that the charity will get the money soon enough to pay for their needs. Show how much is being collected as you collect the funds and make sales, this will create a pull to your clients to join in with everyone else, thus spreading the spirit of the season.

Play a game

If you really want to spread the spirit of the season and have some fun in the process without getting too off message you can create a scavenger hunt which encourages your site visitors to find surprises hidden within your posts, ending with them winning something valuable. This will encourage participation on your blogs and message boards and be a lot of fun.

Have a contest

Ask your clients to submit a post, or video of how your products or services benefits them in the form of a holiday commercial. Have your customers can vote on the best entry. Have a special prize for the winner and a discount for the participants both submitters and voters.

Decorate your website

Change up your logo or website background ala Google to reflect a specific holiday or cause. You can even have a contest letting the winner’s design be featured for a specific period of time. This is fun to do and does not change the focus of your site at all. It can be very subtle and non intrusive but fun and a reminder of the season you want to recognize.

Connecting with your clients on a fun and personal level can help create a sense of trust between you and your customers thus increasing repeat sales because people like to buy from the people they know and trust.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!