lrwellsdotcomAnd we have lift off! FINALLY! My new website is complete. Many of you may know that I’m a rider of two horses so to speak. I provide services to business owners as a virtual assistant /online business manager / Infusionsoft specialist and then I have for training programs, coaching, and products for all things virtual assistants. Well, this is not easy to do – I’m always at a loss when someone asks for my website or the ‘what do you do’ question…and then I launch into my “Well, if you are a business owner… go here. And if you are a virtual assistant, go there.” It’s a total pain in the butt.

I know that everyone says to keep the two businesses separate, which I’ve done all these years, but I knew it was time for a change. I just didn’t know what it would look like.  Do I rebrand? Do I just change the name? Do I just revamp my old website? Gah! So many decisions to make. And it was not an overnight decision, I had multiple phone calls with many different coaches (a huge thanks to Carrie Wilkerson, Linda Joy, Teresa Bruni, and Stacey Martino OMG BEST advice ever) and there was always one common thread in those conversations that I couldn’t ignore and that was to step out from behind Coast2Coast. How scary is that!?!

Not only that, but the decision to move away from providing typical virtual assistant services was a little hard to wrap my head around. I still wanted to work with business owners as a service provider, but I knew I wanted to work with business owners who used Infusionsoft. And that I only wanted to work with heart-centered/spiritual women entrepreneurs so that they could make a bigger impact. This is a much MUCH smaller market and I’m a very small fish in a big pond. Trust me, I agonized over this for weeks.

But once I made the decision, it wasn’t so scary. Here’s the thing, if you envision your business as one that you love, one that you’re excited to get up every day and work with people who love and appreciate you, and that’s NOT what your business is in reality, then you have to make a change. There’s just no way around it – create a business to fit the vision you hold for yourself and your business.


This may mean tough decisions. It may mean losing clients, having to spend money for a new website, decreased revenue until you get your footing or make up clients. It may mean all of these things. But it will be worth it.

Change is scary. But not changing is scarier.

When I did my first webinar, I was scared shitless. When I launched my first program, I needed daily pep talks. When I made any decision that changed my business in a major way, I go through tons of self-doubt. This is all normal. But then I think, “what if I never did that webinar or launched that program?” There would be a lot of virtual assistants who would still be undercharging, working with less than ideal clients, and would probably still be very unhappy, me included. So do what you need to do in order to get going. The key is to eat the elephant one bite at a time, but you have to start eating somewhere.

And if you need help, remember I’m here to support you all the way. I offer a Power Hour strategy call if you just need an intervention, struggling with a few problems, or have questions and I also offer private coaching. Go here to work with me.

Whatever you do, don’t settle for a mediocre business. So take a chance! Make a change! Do something!

Tell me about how you’d like to change your business vision and what chances you want to take  – leave a comment below ~