Need Systems?

“Business is great but I need better automation strategies to attract more clients, make more money, and delight my clients and customers.”

Does the following sound familiar:

You have an established business but are suffering from “Un-automated Workflow Syndrome”?

You can’t take a long weekend let alone a vacation?

You are the hub – everything runs through you (aka bottleneck)?

You are ready for the next level – yay you! You are maxed out with your time and energy and are looking for ways to better leverage the software, tools, and systems you have. Instead of focusing on the income-producing activities – being in your unique brilliance – you are bogged down doing things that you should be delegating to others. Worse, you continue to do some things that you could easily hand off because ‘you can do it better.’ The time has come and you are ready to uplevel your software, your systems, and your business. You are ready to stop doing all of the mundane administrative, marketing, and client activities that you repeat constantly. But, fear is preventing you from releasing the minutiae and you are stuck.

But, BUT, you don’t yet feel confident to uplevel your software because that means learning a new system, paying more money, and increased expenses for new programs. But most of all, lack of expertise means lack of control. You continue to work long hours and have again put off that vacation you’ve been yearning for. Opportunities are slipping through the cracks over and over again. You feel like your business – and your life – is in a constant state of chaos. You’re ready to make the leap and automate your business in a big way but are afraid of not only of the time and expense, but trusting others to do the job as well as you.

Your primary focus needs to be on upleveling your marketing systems and automating your workflow processes. In order to see that return on your investment from that new automation program or your team, you need to get really clear on what tasks to delegate. One of the first tasks you can either do yourself or hire someone to do is document processes and create an SOP (standard operating procedures) guide. Just by doing that exercise alone, you can begin to automate much-needed systems as well as have more time for income-producing activities.

Here are some recommendations to get you started:

Templates to Get You Organized

Templates and other done-for-you content are super helpful, creates a shortcut, and stops you from recreating the wheel. I recommend that you begin with creating your processes first. What do you do more than one time and on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis? Things such as respond to customer service emails or inquiries, bookkeeping, invoice clients, check email, post on social media – whatever you do more than once, it needs to be documented.

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