When you start selling digital products, you’ll want to find just the right way to deliver your product that is easy for you to use and for your customer too. You don’t want them to be confused, and you want the transaction to be secure. Fortunately, there are lots of options. This is just a fraction of the options out there.

1. AMember.com – This shopping cart software is very well loved by those who use it. It enables you to set up marketing, payment, and delivery of any type of digital product. They offer decent customer service, and they also have an affiliate program included. You pay for the software, install it on your server, and then pay for upgrades yearly. If you’re not familiar with this type of system, you’ll likely have to hire someone to help you.

2. E-junkie This is a cloud-based system that works as a shopping cart and affiliate program. It’s easy to use and learn. It has some drawbacks in that it’s not the most beautiful solution out there, although people who really know what they’re doing are able to make it look great. A beginner can get it to work without hiring anyone.

3. Clickbank.com – This works a lot like E-junkie, but has a lot more rules and hoops to jump through to list your product and to get paid. A lot of people like it because they prefer to just load up their products and let others do the selling.

4. Kartra.com – This is billed as an all-in-one business system, and it is. You can run your entire business including websites, shopping cart, affiliate program, landing page marketing and so forth all from this platform. It’s got a lot of bells and whistles, so you may need to get help with it to make it worth the cost.

5. SendOwl.com – This digital product platform is inexpensive and amazing. You can build landing pages, take payment and deliver the product with this software. You can run an affiliate program too. It has a few limitations, but most beginners can figure it out.

6. Amazon S3 While this is not a shopping cart, it is a delivery method. Many of the software options here work with Amazon S3. It’s an inexpensive and secure way to store your products for delivery to your buyers.

7. FastSpring.com – This cloud-based system is fully featured via integrations with other software that you know about, such as various affiliate programs, shopping carts, payment methods and so forth. It is a full-featured program, so it has a lot to offer which may require professional help.

8. 1ShoppingCart – This shopping cart works great. Make sure you get the premium version in order to take advantage of important functionality such as the affiliate module. However, they have good step-by-step directions and customer service to help you get it set up. This can be your website, or it can integrate with your existing website.

9. Gumroad.com – This cloud-based solution is a popular product with artists. It will work for any type of product, including physical products. It has everything you need to work, including an affiliate program. What’s more is this is not an expensive program and it works easily; most beginners can figure it out without hiring an expert.

10. WPeStore – A complete solution to sell digital products from your WordPress blog securely.  If you don’t want to paying ongoing fees and commissions to sell via a third party website, then WPeStore is a great solution.

The best way to choose the right software in any situation is to write down the functionality you want it to have, then find software that does that. More than likely it already exists or can be made to work the way you want it to with expert knowledge. Finding an expert that can help you might be an important thing to do in this situation.