When you think about search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) from the perspective of the customer, you can understand why it’s so important. Think about what your potential customer does when they are first studying their problem.

They do a Google search, or a YouTube search for information on their problem, using terms that they know for the issue. These are called search terms. Based on that search, their search engine then sends them to the information that they think is as close to answers as possible.

To use SEM, you’ll need to:

Create Unique Content That Includes the Right Keywords and Terms

SEM and SEO are all about the content that you create. The titles, the headings, and the words used within the content need to speak to the audience you want to attract. Create an audience persona for each audience member based on where they are within their buying cycle. This will ensure that each piece of content you create performs in the most optimized way. Plus, remember you can always tweak content as you go.

Ensure That Your Websites Work Well and Are Responsive

A fast-loading site that works on any device the users is using is important today. You should probably have a mobile-first policy because if your site works fast and looks good on mobile, it will also look good and work fast on a personal computer. You want shopping carts, links, and everything to be easy to use and obvious – whether your users are on a smartphone, a tablet, or their PC.

Create a Working Internal and External Linking Structure

One important thing when it comes to SEO and SEM is to have a linking structure that is planned and makes sense. This includes earning backlinks from authoritative sites, as well as internal linking to more content within your site, in a way that makes sense to your audience and encourages them to explore more of your content, and gives search engines a way to find more of your content.

Understand Your Audience’s or Searcher’s Intent

One thing that is important when it comes to SEM is understanding the searcher’s intent. When you think about the intent of a search, it can help you create better content for your audience. This requires some study of your audience in each stage of their buying cycle, but it’s an important part of SEM. When you study your audience this way, you’ll create better content, better products, and make more money.

Search engine marketing is very important for every business owner who wants to market online – whether they are a bricks and mortar business or a digital-based business. This is because most people use their mobile devices to find products and services today. For example, they may be on their way out to eat and ask Google where to get good soup. If you have good soup and you’ve used that term in your content, you’re going to be the one who is found over someone who hasn’t used those terms.