If you are interested in starting a podcast, you don’t even need that many tools. You really only need a good mic and a way to record, either via your computer or your smartphone. But if you want to start adding to your equipment, let’s look at some things that will help you make a more professional podcast.

* A Good Microphone and Headphone Set – Today you can go right to Amazon and order kits to get started fast with the right microphone, so you can make your podcast sound amazing. This Porta-Booth Pro Kit stands out because it takes into consideration sound blocking as well as creating good sound for your podcast, with a great mic and headphone set plus noise-canceling equipment.

* Recording and Editing Software – There is a lot of recording and editing software you can use depending on the type of equipment you use. One way to do it is to use the free Audacity from SourceForge to record.

You can also purchase products from Adobe like Audition, or GarageBand if you’re an Apple person.

* A Quiet Place – You don’t need an entire studio, but you do need a quiet place to do the recording. Some people do it in their walk-in closets, others find a nice room with good sound to accomplish it. It’s up to you how you do it based on your situation. Don’t let small spaces or limitations stop you.

* A Good Topic – You do of course need to come up with subject matter people want to listen to and learn about. The best way to do that is to study the audience that you want to attract and give them what they want. It’s much easier to deliver good content to an audience if you know who they are and what they need.

* Podcast Hosting – You can use different types of hosting to store your podcasts, but more than likely you do not want to use the same place as you are currently hosting your site. Instead, you will want a spot just for the shows such as using Amazon S3 account, SoundCloud, an iTunes account, or something else like that.

* Royalty Free Music – Remember that “royalty free” doesn’t mean it’s free; it just means you don’t have to pay a royalty every time you use it. There is some free music if you give credit, but you will want to use a valid source to stay out of trouble. Use something like AudioJungle to find amazing royalty free music options for your podcast.

* A Great URL – You’ll also want a great URL for your podcast to live on besides your website for your business. Preferably call the URL what you want to call the podcast, but in any case, make the URL very easy to remember.

The tools you need to create and start a successful and profitable podcast are few. The important thing is to work with what you have and get started. Putting it off only takes time. Getting started now and improving as you learn is so much better.