Top Nine Resources to Learn More about Social Media Marketing

The resources you can find online for social media marketing are truly endless. But these resources are special and hit the mark in more ways than one. Social media marketing is ever-changing too, so one resource might not be enough. Try these to see if you can improve your knowledge and skill at social media marketing.

1. Social Media Examiner – Well-known and often cited, the Social Media Examiner offers some of the very best and most in-depth articles about everything to do with using social media to market your business. Whether it’s how to use Twitter to get more followers or how to use Facebook to buy laser-targeted ads, they have you covered.

2. – One of the first websites on the block to start teaching people how to use social media marketing to build their blogs, websites and businesses. Anytime you need to know something you can be sure to find it on They also offer certification and training.

3. Social Media Quickstarter – The Social Media Quickstarter from Constant Contact offers the step-by-step instructions you need to start building your social media presence across all of the top social networks.

4. Gary Vaynerchuk – This YouTube channel features Gary Vaynerchuk who is known as one of the foremost experts on social media marketing. If you like listening to and watching YouTube channels, this is a great way to learn as much as you can about social media marketing.

5. – This is an online course portal where you can learn pretty much anything, including social media marketing. Most of the courses are up-to-date, easy to follow and it’s not very expensive to pay for the self-guided training. Just look at the new releases and avoid anything more than a year or so old.

6. Social Media Marketing Workbook – This workbook by Jason McDonald Ph.D. is often updated, and currently the Kindle edition is free. This workbook can help you understand what you need to do to use social media to market your business. You need to read the book with a reader that allows you to access the net to get to the various worksheets.

7. iTunes – There are a lot of shows about social media marketing on iTunes that you can listen to. This list has so many that you won’t be able to listen to them all. They’re listed by rating so start at the top.

8. – This slideshow is a little older, but it still has some great information to help you determine what time is best to post on each network. Each social network has its own personality and this helps you navigate that fact.

9. Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising by Perry Marshall – If you can’t find your audience on Facebook, you don’t have an audience. The best type of social media marketing that works the fastest is often well made and well targeted, and frankly no one can do that without training. If you don’t want to hire an expert, consider this book.

Social media marketing is ever-changing but it’s not going anyplace. There is a lot of room for more experts in the niche. If you love social media marketing and want to keep learning all that you can, consider the eight resources above and find more as there are literally hundreds that you can learn from.

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