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How to Turn Non-Paid Speaking Events into Paid Ones

How to Turn Non-Paid Speaking Events into Paid Ones

Getting started with public speaking events sometimes requires that you pay your dues by volunteering to speak at events for free. You may also have to pay for your own travel and even buy a ticket for the event. But, this is okay. When you first start out, many speaking engagements will not be paid events. There are still excellent opportunities to make more money with free speaking gigs.

* Get Sponsorships – One way to earn money for non-paid speaking events is to find sponsors. If you’re going to a large event, corporate sponsorships that relate to your business and your message is a fabulous way to get paid for speaking.

* Sell Your Knowledge – Create information products that are physical for the event. A great idea is to offer everyone a USB stick with information on it so they can sign up for your offers later, but also offer them a product on the USB stick instead of (or in addition to) DVDs or books.

* Sell Tickets – If you’re the one planning the event, the best way to get paid is to sell tickets to the event. Even a small charge for an event can make all the difference to your success. For example, if you have access to a conference room with 20 seats, price the event so that you’ll earn enough to pay yourself after expenses based on selling 10 seats. Everything else is gravy.

* Sell Your Books – Get extra books printed, then offer autographed books for sale at the event. You can get a helper to sit at the table for you outside the event to sell your books, or you can sit there before and after the event signing books for sale.

* Get People on Your List – During your presentation, ensure that at least one slide gives them information about your website so that they can sign up. You can also pass out information with a QR code on it so they can use their smartphone to sign up for your email list. Be sure to make them a good free offer that will make them run to sign up for your list.

* Promote Your Offerings from the Stage – At some point in your presentation, you should promote your offerings from the stage if this is permitted. Some events do not allow anyone to do that, but most do. Don’t make your entire presentation all about selling, but at the end make them an offer they can’t refuse.

* Build Relationships – Take the time during the event to build relationships with attendees and other speakers. Don’t just show up for your speech and then leave. Part of the profitability of an event is the networking, so don’t waste the opportunity.

* Do a Great Job – One of the most important things you can do to earn more money through public speaking is to do a good job. That doesn’t mean you need to be perfect. Just be yourself; get your message across to them according to that audience’s needs and you’ll do great.

Speaking in public can be stressful and scary. But, most people find it that way. Therefore, once you do it other people will start seeing you as the expert. They’ll want you to appear at their events more often when you do a great job, spend time networking with the audience, and stand by your products and services.

Do you have any other tips on how to leverage non-paid speaking? Tell me about it below!

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