When you think of content marketing, what do you think about? Many people think about blogging. However, there are more types of content marketing to publish than just a blog post. Blog posts are fantastic for disseminating information, but you can publish many more types of content.

  • Educational Articles – Writing educational articles about your niche and topic is a great way to start content marketing. You can use these articles on your website, within your FAQ, and even in an email to educate your audience. Articles can also be repurposed into a book.
  • Books – Publishing books (whether PDF files or by publishing on Amazon Kindle or in a more traditional way) is still content marketing if the content you publish is designed to bring awareness or encourage conversions from your audience.
  • Videos – Creating videos is an excellent way to provide your audience with information. You can post videos on your website as well as other platforms. It is usually best to publish a video to a site like YouTube, then embed it into your website as you’ll gain traffic from YouTube.
  • Audio – An excellent way to help your audience get your information is to develop a podcast from your blog posts or videos. You can also transcribe your blog posts and post the transcription on the post so your audience can listen instead of reading while running, walking, or doing something else.
  • Graphics and Images – The visuals you put on your site are also a form of content for marketing purposes. For example, you can take a data-centric post and turn it into an infographic that helps further understanding of the information.
  • Interactive Content – One way to really get on your customers’ good side is to use interactive content. You’ll make them think you can read their mind if you set up a quiz or assessment that leads your customers to the right information.
  • Entertainment – While it’s not always appropriate, you don’t want your website to be boring. Therefore, try to produce more entertaining content. Bring humor into your repertoire. Create or hire someone to create a comic, crossword, or word search about your niche or idea.
  • Webinars – Using webinars is a wonderful and effective way to create even more content fast. Set up a live webinar with guests, record it, and transcribe it. You can break it up, put it all together, and make it into a whole new piece.
  • Blog Posts – Blogs are still important for you to use. Not only do you want to post regular and informative blogs on your website, but guest blogging on authoritative sites is also very effective.

When you publish content to another platform, it becomes another type of content. Social media content is also an important component in marketing because it’s one of the ways you can promote your other content. Therefore, blurbs on social are another form of content you can publish for marketing purposes.