This is a list of email types that you can send your email list subscribers to add more value and get more email engagement. If you are stuck on what emails to send, start with this list and you’ll be set for at least a month.

* Welcome and Thank You Email – Of course when someone signs up for your email list, they should always get a welcome and thank you email. This should tell them what to expect from your emails, how often you plan to email them, and more of what to expect from being on your list. The best thing is to congratulate them on making such a good choice and let them know what they’re going to get, as well as what the benefits are to them.

* Regular Offers – Send any type of regular offers that you are offering elsewhere to your email list too. You won’t need to change the content much to offer something to your email list members as compared to new people who come to your landing pages. Always give your email members the first offer at a small discount, though – they are VIPs, after all.

* Blog Updates – When you add a new blog post, you should also send it by broadcast to your entire list with an announcement to go read that blog post. You can also make it part of the regular autoresponder so that any new members eventually get sent to that blog post. This will work best if it’s evergreen content on the blog.

* Social Media Updates – When you update people on social media about something, direct your email list members to go check out that update. They will be more likely to join your social media groups and pages when you remind them. Plus, it’s another way to ensure more people see your social media posts.

* Surveys – You have a captive audience that you already know are interested in your niche. Therefore, whenever you’re creating a new product or idea, you can use them to get answers and opinions by sending them a survey.

* Ask for Testimonials – One way to ensure that customers on your email list send testimonials is to make it part of the autoresponder for each product list. Give them time to use the product and then send them a request for a testimonial, with a link to where they can post that testimonial.

* A Weekly Newsletter – You don’t want your newsletter to be boring, so if you don’t have enough content to do a weekly newsletter then do it less often. Send a newsletter with a round-up of all your blog posts, all your sales, and all your valuable information they can click through to read, with a blurb and a link in the newsletter.

* Free Gifts – Once in a while, give your list members something you don’t give anyone else to show them how special they are. Call it a member-only freebie, or whatever you want to call it so that they know it’s just for them and special due to the fact they open your messages. Start this early on so that they’re trained to open your messages.

* Freebie Announcements – Whenever you create a new freebie, tell your list members about it. It’s a great way to further segment them if you use tagging features depending on the autoresponder service you use. Plus, it’s a nice way to show your list members more of what you do.

* Valuable Content – Send great content to your list members. Content is the core of the information that you’re going to offer, and you can send them content in many forms from video to text, but the important thing is that it fits the niche and offers value to them.

* Help Us Emails – Your list members are perfect people to help you with future product creation, event planning ideas, and more. When you are starting to plan anything new, send your email list a broadcast about it, asking for feedback and help.

* Recruiting Emails – Your list members are perfect people to recruit new affiliates, employees, contractors, and fans to help you with your business. They can promote you to their friends, and they can work with you and earn money as they already love you and share your values. When you have an offer, send it to them first.

* New Product Tease – If you are developing new products, it’s important to use the opportunity to tease the audience you have with the soon-to-be-released new products. Let them know you’re working on something special for them and give them a heads-up when the launch will happen.

* New Product Announcements – When you finally do release a new product, tell your list members about it first. They are already your audience; they already know you, trust, you and like you. Making your first sales for any new product through this method can help you tweak your sales pages and the product, and work out kinks with people who already care about your success and want what you’re offering. Of course, you can offer beta discounts and more for the help too.

The point is that your email marketing needs to be planned, match the content you’re sending out elsewhere, and be integrated and cross-promoted. This is the way you’ll ensure that you get more opens on your emails. Remember that people are expecting to get high value from the emails that you send to them, as they know they all have a reason for being and a purpose.