Maybe you think that your website is mobile friendly – you may have even paid for an expensive theme that claimed to be mobile friendly – but you’re still not sure. There are some online sources that you can use to check. Even if you think your site is mobile friendly, it’s best to make sure that it really looks right across all browsers.

Here are three. Just click through and enter your URL and see what the results show.

* Google Mobile Test –

* BrowserStack Live –

* W3C Mobile OK Checker –

You can also see how your website looks across all types of browsers by using one of these tools.

* –

* –

* –

There are many reasons why you want to ensure that your website is mobile friendly.

* Better SEO – If your website isn’t delivered in search results, it doesn’t matter how much content you have on your website. Having a mobile friendly website will boost rankings and get your content the attention it deserves.

* Improved User Experience – Websites that are designed to be mobile friendly work well, load fast, and are easy for the user to find their way around. When the site is mobile friendly and the user is using their mobile phone and can easily read, engage and interact with your website, they’ll be back.

* Beautiful Design – Mobile friendly design is automatically beautiful, clean and easy to use. The best way to improve your users’ desktop experience is to make your website mobile friendly; not only will it work better on the desktop, it will also work on any mobile device.

* Happier Visitors – When visitors don’t have to resize and adjust and jump through hoops to use your website on their mobile devices, they are much happier. They’ll save your website and come back to it for the type of information that you offer.

* Repeat Visitors – When people like your website, they come back. Ensure that in addition to being mobile friendly, you offer excellent information to your audience and that every page of your site is responsive to avoid frustration.

* More Sales – When people like your website, you’ll get more visitors to it, both repeat and new. In addition to bringing more visitors, the ease of use will help make more sales.

These are good reasons to ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Another reason is that Google, back in 2015, changed how they return search results to their customers. More than 60 percent of all internet users access the internet with mobile technology. So, it makes sense that Google changed how they deliver search results to putting mobile websites first.