#69: What to do when no holiday or special event fits with your business

Marketing / Automation

This month’s theme is Seasonal Marketing…

What can you do when no holiday or special event really fits with your business?

In this week’s Systems Sunday, I brainstorm four ideas of how you can still take advantage of seasonal marketing for your business even if your business doesn’t “fit” traditional holidays.

What can you do when no holiday or special event really fits with your business?

This week is more brainstorming of how you can take advantage of seasonal marketing for your business.

The first idea is to make up your own holiday, of course!

For example, back in 1999 small-town florist Heidi Richards Mooney of Eden Florist and Gift Baskets once had a request for a “Get out of the doghouse” basket. She took the idea and turned it into a marketing holiday – National Get Out of the Doghouse Day – that large providers like 1-800-FLOWERS call a success.

You might not sell flowers or gift baskets, but with a little creative thinking, you can surely come up with a holiday perfectly designed to showcase your products.

If you’re going to create your own holiday, though, keep in mind the timing of it. You don’t want your little holiday to be overshadowed by a
larger one.

Make up an event

Last year I did a Pre-sail Sale to celebrate the fact that we were taking our first sailboat trip up the coast of North Carolina. It literally had nothing to do with anything, but I wanted an excuse to have a sale. Be creative!

Consult trends to see when people are apt to do or try something – last week I showed you how to use google.com trends – what things can you do to build around this trend? If you are a weight loss coach, January and May is a good time to kick off your bootcamp program. If you are a concierge to busy moms, you could do a marketing campaign around back to school, Christmas, and summer vacation.

Check out “National” Days or Weeks

We’ve all seen people celebrating National Chocolate Day or National Wine Drinking Day, but there’s a day for everything that you can build a campaign around. One of my old clients was a communication coach so she would do a giveaway each year around National Communications Day, which is August 18.

If you serve the LGBTQ community, your campaign can celebrate Coming Out Day. 

And if you want to focus on a national week “National Work From Home Week” is the second week in October recognizes the seven million people in the United States who don’t commute to work every day. So you see, you don’t have to just rely on specific holidays or popular events to do a seasonal marketing campaign.

I’m including links below the video to sites that will get your creative juices flowing.

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At the end of every year, most businesses take stock of how well they have done and also look forward to the future. One of the most important tasks you can do in conjunction with this evaluation is to start planning your marketing and promotions for the new year.

Planning ahead in this way is the best way to help take your business to the next level. It will serve as a roadmap of what you need to do, and when. If you are working with other people, such as colleagues or joint venture partners, it keeps everyone on the same page.

It also helps you manage your 4 main marketing areas:

  • Your website or blog (content marketing)
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Special sales and promotions, including important events like product creation and launch

These work together to drive traffic, generate leads (get subscribers), and make sales. All marketing is content marketing. It’s just a question of the format of the content.

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