#87: Why you need customer onboarding in your sales cycle

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This month’s theme is “Creating your Onboarding Process.”

While onboarding has traditionally meant the process of orienting new employees, it is also an important key to the customer or client experience and a vital part of retention. It’s what you do immediately after someone purchases your product or service and it can have one step or 50 steps – but it should serve to create a consistent customer or client experience. Without a process, you may face unsatisfied clients, low sales, or a confused team. I don’t want that to happen!

Today’s video gives you clear reasons why you want to have an onboarding process and quick action steps to get started.

While onboarding has traditionally meant the process of orienting new employees, it is also an important key to the customer or client experience and a vital part of retention. It’s what you do immediately after someone purchases your product or service, including:

  • Teaching the customer how to use your product to its fullest and enjoy its intended benefits. In effect, you are getting the customer up to speed on your product or service.
  • Building a strong relationship with your customer so that the experience lasts well into the future. Your customers will become loyal brand advocates as well as repeat buyers.
  • Gathering information about your customers so that you can provide even better products and services for them.
  • Driving home the value of your product so that it’s easy for your customers to understand how it helps them or solves their problems.
  • Setting clear expectations for your customer regarding your products and services.

Onboarding is an integrated approach that creates a consistent customer experience, which is very important in overall customer satisfaction. Ideally, a customer feels that the product or service is custom-tailored to meet their needs. At the same time, Customer A and Customer B should have a similar experience with your deliverables and service care. A good process in place ensures this and gives you better control over the experience of your customers.

Why You Need Onboarding

What if you don’t have an onboarding process in place? Without proper onboarding, you may face:

  • Unsatisfied clients who find that the product or service doesn’t deliver as expected
  • Poor online reviews of your product or service
  • A lack of referrals, which are the best marketing any business could hope for
  • Low sales for service renewals or other products
  • Confused and frustrated team or staff, who don’t know how to deal with customer issues after the sale
  • Lack of metrics to measure product value and quality
  • Lack of feedback to help you with future product development

This month we are going to go over creating your onboarding process and here’s a quick snapshot of what we are going to cover:

  • Planning the Onboarding Process
  • The First 30 Days
  • Beyond the First Weeks

Action Steps:

  1. List your current steps once a customer purchases your product or service.
  2. Create a list of all the barriers you have in your business that stop you from being able to have a complete onboarding process.
  3. List what benefits you see in your business by implementing an onboarding process – what do you hope to achieve?

Just below, in the Resources section, I have a free download that will help you write out and complete your action steps. There is no opt-in required, just click to download the PDF file.



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