iStock_000019148501XSmallWordPress – What’s So Great?

WordPress is one of the better website platforms out there today. You have two choices: or The first offers a blogging platform that takes minutes to set up. You have the option of free plug-ins and a variety of themes to create a totally unique site for you and your readers. is a free self-hosted website platform (meaning you install it on your own hosting account) that you can use to set up your own website with more control over customizing themes and a greater variety of plug-ins.

What makes this platform so popular is all that it offers for its users. Besides a wide variety of themes and plug-ins (that are always being updated with new offerings), they offer great customer service for any questions you might have.

Solutions for Project Management

Now that you know how great it is to work with WordPress, you are about to find out something more. It can be used to help with project management. You might be familiar with tools like Basecamp. It allows you to set up projects, add milestones, add team members, communicate with the team, add documents and also deliver to clients if you wish.

When you operate a WordPress website, you have everything you need right there to get started with project management. Do you need to schedule publication of blog posts across your blogs or content on your website? What about contributing bloggers? Do they need to manage their content for you?

Productivity plug-ins are available that make it easy for you to manage your needs right from the admin area of your website. Here are a few suggestions of which ones to use.

* Project Tasks – This plug-in allows you to take control of all of your tasks for creating and implementing new themes. Use it to keep track of all the things you need to do to get your page up and running.

* CollabPress – Allows you to create new projects and also assign users to each one. Use it to create task lists, add comments and upload files to projects. Assign due dates to each task and also send email notifications to team members.

* WP Task Manager – Adds a task manager to the admin panel. You can set up tasks (with dates) for yourself and others who contribute to your blog.

* IProject Web – This is another project management tool that allows you to communicate more effectively with your project team members. Create mailing lists for email notifications, track communication and status changes for tasks.

WordPress is more than just a pretty looking website. It can help you manage your business as well.